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Texas Number One For Residential Sales!



“The Texas housing market is the shining star, having avoided most of the most severe gyrations of the past cycle, and having ridden a new wave of energy jobs.”

Top 10 States for New Home Sales in 2014

  1. Texas: 33,177 closings
  2. Florida: 19,416 closings
  3. California: 14,280 closings
  4. North Carolina: 10,249 closings
  5. Georgia: 7,280 closings
  6. Colorado: 5,602 closings
  7. Washington: 5,337 closings
  8. Arizona: 5,309 closings
  9. Virginia: 4,836 closings
  10. South Carolina: 4,345 closings




About Gregg Klar (398 Articles)
Austin creates an oasis of desirable communities that are touched by the beauty of it's presence. I'm one resident who considers myself fortunate to be a part of the Austin lifestyle. Combining a passion for my work with love for my community, I've earned my place among Austin's leading real estate professionals. I bring to every transaction a personal touch, innovative marketing techniques and in-depth knowledge of today's complex market to ensure your home sale or purchase is a success from start to finish. Put my team of experts to work for you today

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