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Seaholm Residences

Seaholm Residences now considered the new center of downtown living, offers something for everyone.  Located on the grounds of the Seaholm Power plans and the crossroads of Lake Bird lake the luxury condos of Seaholm Residences provide an unprecedented opportunity to be part of a very vibrant downtown neighborhood.  Everything you need or want and enjoy are just steps away.  Ditch the car and enjoy a car-free lifestyle in one exceptional setting.  Seaholm Residences offers very well protected views, a sky deck with first-class amenities, inspiring architecture, plus a 1.5 acre open space to use and enjoy!  Seaholm Residences bring Austin’s electric past to the modern day future.  Hurry now as only a limited number of new units remain.

Seaholm power plant

Seaholm construction Seaholm tower



Seaholm condos Austin Seaholm Condos Austin Seaholm condos Austin

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