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OLD Austin photos

UT 1924

SOCO 1914

Congress Ave being paved with bricks 1905

Congress Ave. 1900

Austin skyline 1931

Stephen F. Austin hotel being built 1924

Congress Ave view from the Capitol 1890’s ¬†Photo credit: ¬†\

Congress Ave. 1915Congress Ave. 1938

Congress Ave. late 1940’s

Congress Ave. 1960

At the corner of 6th and Congress – the heart of Austin.

An old view of the Governor’s Mansion

Congress Ave. 1940

Austin Skyline 1940

Hotel San Jose 1940’s

Hotel San Jose today

UT 1940’s

1935 Flood over Congress Ave.

1935 Flood, South Austin

1940 Congress Ave. Christmas

Congress Ave. today 2009

Arial S. 1st street 1968

Austin National Bank

Capital Metro is born 1875

Trolly car accident 1913

Capital Metro, known at Austin Railway Company adds bus service in Austin 1940

Bus service for Austin 1940

Continental Trailways Bus System – 1952

The capitol is seen in the background. – 1952

Before IH 35 was built

IH 35 being built at 6th street 1960

IH 35 at Riverside 1957

Stephen F. Austin Hotel showing the lounge

Stephen F. Austin Hotel showing the lounge

Austin gets it’s first Air Port October 1930

Photo of a Braniff DC-4, the 1st DC-4 in Austin, Texas – 1946

Customers wait in line at ticket counter at Mueller Airport – 1961

Passengers and crew wave goodbye on the tarmac before departure at Mueller Airport – 1965

Photo of back of train and Sam Wah cafe during Harry Truman’s Whistle Stop tour. Austin, Texas. – 1948

Light Rail today in Austin 2010

As you can tell, I LOVE AUSTIN! I hope you will share the excitment with me. I’d love to hear from you! – Gregg

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